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Holistic Health And Wellness Solution Foundation
समग्र स्वास्थ्य एवं कल्याण समाधान फाउंडेशन

Become a Health and Wellness expert today !

A career in nutrition, fitness, and wellness coaching can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, as it allows you to help others achieve their health and wellness goals. Build a fantastic, well paying career in nutrition, fitness and wellness coaching and scale your business with our GLOBALLY & INTERNATIONALLY accredited courses!

Diploma in Holistic Health & Nutrition Entrepreneurship 

4.9 star (300+ Candidates Google Reviews)


This is the ultimate nutrition course in India, with no equal. Embark on your education with the assurance that you're studying the most advanced and up-to-date nutrition course available. Beginning with the fundamentals, we swiftly delve into complex concepts. After completing this course, you'll be able to interact with people who have lifestyle problems including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, thyroid, or PCOS/PCOD and sports athletes.

Diet Plan

Course Duration - 3 months

Format - Online

Language - English and Hindi

Certificates - 3+

Expert mentors from around the world

1000+ Candidates certified

100+ hours of learning

30+ lectures

Platform - Zoom & Teachable

Website Available


  • Foundations of Nutrition, Dietetics & Wellness Industry

  • Introduction to the Industry

  • Overview of the Nutrition, Dietetics & Wellness field

  • Historical perspective and evolution

  • Key players and stakeholders

  • Evidence-Based Methodology in Nutrition & Wellness

  • Principles of evidence-based practice

  • Health Definition and Assessment Techniques

  • Defining Health

  • Multidimensional aspects of health

  • Holistic approach to wellness

  • Assessment Tools

  • BMI (Body Mass Index)

  • Hip to Waist Ratio

  • Body Fat Calipers

  • Other relevant health assessments

  • Human Physiology and its Relationship with Nutrition

  • Fundamentals of Human Physiology

  • Key organ systems and their functions

  • How physiology impacts nutritional needs

  • Interconnection of Physiology and Nutrition

  • Integrating physiological knowledge into dietary recommendations

  • Nutrient Concepts and Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNI)

  • Types of Nutrients

  • Macro-nutrients (Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats)

  • Micro-nutrients (Vitamins, Minerals)

  • Dietary fiber and water

  • Guidelines for optimal nutrient consumption

  • Adjusting RNI based on individual needs

  • The Law of Energy Balance

  • Energy In vs. Energy Out

  • Caloric intake and expenditure

  • Factors influencing energy balance

  • Practical Applications

  • Designing nutrition plans for weight management

  • Addressing energy balance in different life stages

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Learn from the best Doctors & Faculty


Dr B.L.Meghwal


Assistant Professor 

(RNT-Medical College

dr mittal_edited.jpg

Dr.Banwari Mittal

  Senior Homeopathic Doctor       Rtd. Government doctor 

t2 (1).png

Dr. Vinod Akhand

t8 (1).png


Chief Medical Officer

(Raj-Govt.) MD,

TB & Chest physician

t3 (1).png

Dr.Vishal Jain

MBBS, Specialised in Life Style Diseases

t6 (1).png


Director (Raj Govt.)

MD, TB & Chest physician

Screenshot 2024-03-10 at 9.57.18 PM.png

Dr.Sonu Garg


MD Paediatrics


Harish Nagar

Director, Holistic Health And Wellness Solution Foundation

Start your career as a Wellness, Nutrition Fitness,Holistic Nutrition Coach at India's One of the best
Holistic Health Organisation .i.e

Holistic Health And
Wellness Solution Foundation
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